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Good afternoon to all. I searched up and down the web and did not find a solution to this rather big problem. When I am running my app interfaced to Google Earth API, geplugin.exe comes up in the task manager and after a few user interactions with the Earth (zoom in/out, flyto a few points) all memory on their machine ends up being consumed by the geplugin. It unloads once they close my project but due to the business specs I can not keep on loading/unloading. My guess would be that Earth caches the images and does not release them. Anyone found a solution to this predicament? I am running Google Earth v6.2 on Windows 7 with tons of memory. Gratefully Ig.

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I have seen a memory leak in the google earth plugin. It may not be the same, however, because it is not so drastic. In my case, I was able to determine that the memory leak is related to 3-D terrain. If I run my app with 3-D terrain enabled, there is a constant memory leak. If I run it with 3-D terrain disabled, the memory footprint holds steady.

To disable 3-D terrain, you can use code like this. ge.getLayerRoot().enableLayerById(ge.LAYER_TERRAIN, false);

My testing was done with version of the plugin.

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