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I'm trying to integrate Paypal HTML payments standards. I've redirected from my site to the sandbox, logged in with my test customer but whenever I click the pay now button on the 'review your information' screen, the loading animated gif appears and just sits there.

Therefore I can't get any further than this with my integration.

I've checked the sanbox status page and it isn't reporting any issues, so I wondered if anyone had experienced this before? Is there somewhere i can report it? or do I just have to wait for them to fix it?

Also, even though I'm sending through a 'return' param in the POST to Paypal, last time (when I could get the sandbox to work), there was no 'return to merchant site' link, which I rely on to complete the transaction. Does anyone know why this would be?


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In the end this was just a Paypal sandbox website issue. This resolved itself a couple of days later with no code changes.


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