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I have a file VERTICAL.txt with the following structure :


with a script traffic.gp :

set terminal jpeg size 1024,768
set title "traffic path 0" 
set xlabel "Simulation duration"
set ylabel "Link load (%)"
set grid
set xtics 0,50,1100 
set ytics 0.0,10.0,100.0 
set key below center
plot [0:1100] [0.0:100.0] 'traffic_path0.txt' with lines title "path 0"

i want to use VERTICAL.txt in traffic.gp to see the corresponding line.

I tried to add:

set parametrics
set trange [0:100]
plot VERTICAL.txt , t

but the following error occurs :"scripts/traffic.gp", line 11: parametric function not fully specified

How can i managed to do that ? Thanks a lot

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This is a somewhat dirty trick that only works if you're not autoscaling the y axis:

set yrange [YMIN:YMAX]
plot 'test.dat' u 1:2 w lines, \
     'VERTICAL.txt' u 1:(YMAX) w impulses ls 2, \
     'VERTICAL.txt' u 1:(YMIN) w impulses ls 2

(the YMIN part is actually unnecessary if YMIN is 0).

Another dirty hack you can play is with arrows and system commands:

set for [a in system("tr '\n' ' '<VERTICAL.txt")] arrow from first a,graph 0 to first a,graph 1 nohead
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I managed to get what i want with your first "dirty" trick. I added the Ymin,max,range and the last two lines to my plot command in traffic.gp. thanks a lot. –  Tony Morris Jul 30 '12 at 8:16

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