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When I want to do OR-queries with DataMapper I use

result = MyModel.all( => '%john%') + MyModel.all( => '%john%')

This works fine and generates only one SQL query. How can I create the same result with properties given in an array?

result = [ :first_name, :last_name ].reduce([]) do |sum, prop|
  sum + MyModel.all( => '%john%')

Although this works, it uses two separate SQL queries which is not what I want. Is there a way to create such a "lazy" query in a loop?

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You have to build a WHERE clause by hand. Something like this:

props = []
values = []
[ :first_name, :last_name ].each do |prop|
  props << "(#{prop} LIKE ?)"
  values << '%john%'
MyModel.all :conditions => [props.join(' OR ')] + values
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Sure this works, but I think it is a very unelegant solution, especially since there is a better way to do it. – xato Jul 30 '12 at 16:06
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I figured it out myself. The problem is that you cannot use an empty regular array ([]) as the initial value of the result variable. I did not want to dig into the DataMapper internals too deeply, so I just used additional checking for the first assignment of result, like this:

result = nil
[ :first_name, :last_name ].each do |prop|
  cur = MyModel.all( => '%john%')
  next unless cur
  result ? result.nil? cur : result + cur
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