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What's the best way to overwrite a line in a large (2MB+) text file using node.js?

My current method involves

  • copying the entire file into a buffer.
  • Spliting the buffer into an array by the new line character (\n).
  • Overwriting the line by using the buffer index.
  • Then overwriting the file with the buffer after join with \n.
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fs.write() gives you the ability to write to a specific offset/position, do you know that index ahead of time? – Dominic Barnes Jul 27 '12 at 17:55
Not really. How can you compute the offset of each line? – Larry Battle Jul 27 '12 at 18:47
I figured it was worth a shot, sometimes you have a specified format for a file, which makes calculations like that possible. – Dominic Barnes Jul 27 '12 at 20:32
If you use fixed-length lines in your text file the offset approach might work...but at that point I would reconsider the approach. Text files are great if you only need to append them. After that I would consider a database. – Hector Correa Jul 27 '12 at 20:49

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First, you need to search where the line starts and where it ends. Next you need to use a function for replacing the line. I have the solution for the first part using one of my libraries: Node-BufferedReader.

var lineToReplace = "your_line_to_replace";
var startLineOffset = 0;
var endLineOffset = 0;

new BufferedReader ("your_file", { encoding: "utf8" })
    .on ("error", function (error){
        console.log (error);
    .on ("line", function (line, byteOffset){
        startLineOffset = endLineOffset;
        endLineOffset = byteOffset - 1; //byteOffset is the offset of the NEXT byte. -1 if it's the end of the file, if that's the case, endLineOffset = <the file size>

        if (line === lineToReplace ){
            console.log ("start: " + startLineOffset + ", end: " + endLineOffset +
                    ", length: " + (endLineOffset - startLineOffset));
            this.interrupt (); //interrupts the reading and finishes
    .read ();
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