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There are lots of references on how to apply "unobtrusive" validation to dynamic content in MVC 3. For instance, if I load a form or refresh it via jQuery ajax, I may want to (re)apply validation to it using "$.validator.unobtrusive.parse...". I am using OBTRUSIVE validation, however, and I can't seem to find a way to do it.

Is there a way to do this? :)

Please keep in mind, the form element(s) may never have existed on the form prior to my AJAX call.


  1. Page is loaded
  2. User does something to trigger AJAX call, a partial view is loaded via jQuery.ajax that contains a form
  3. Attach client-side validation to the new form


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I have found "A WAY" to do this. It may not be the best way so I'd like to hear any other solutions. If a better one is provided I'll pick that as the solution.

Basically what I've found is I can repopulate the


...array and then call:


Which will empty the array and parse the validation JSON.

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