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Because I am creating DOM using Jquery it was difficult to copy the output so i am adding one image of code that i have captured using one tool

enter image description here

i have attached hover and mouseout event to id='nf1' using this code


Here n is post_id and i am looping all post_id got from response.This attach events but not giving expected behaviour Like when mouse over to id='nf1post_delete' it is hide

Please ask if any doubts

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Have you tried .mouseenter() and .mouseleave()? jQuery demonstrates the differences between them and .mousein() and .mouseout() with a side-by-side comparison demo on the documentation for each of the four functions. –  Zachary Kniebel Jul 27 '12 at 17:53

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The way you're describing this, you will actually want to pass two functions to .hover(), one for the action on mouseenter and one for the action on mouseleave. You can pass only one function to .hover(), but it will run that function when you roll over and when you roll out.


So, try this instead:


The .mouseout() function isn't needed at all.

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Thanks This is what i exactly wanted.. –  Bhavik Patel Jul 27 '12 at 17:53

At first, .hover() includes mouseenter and mouseleave. Do you put both function in there and don't use an additional event. Also don't use mouseout(). Use instead mouseleave().

So you either use hover(function(){},function(){}); alone, or you use mouseenter() and mouseleave().

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Since you're manipulating the DOM, I'm going to recommend using jQuery .on() instead of .hover():

  mouseover: function(){
  mouseout: function(){
}, "#nf"+n);

If you're creating something in the DOM after the page has loaded, .on() helps to attach event listeners to it.

jQuery API for .on()

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