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My application is screenshot maker. User needs to select screen area to make a screenshot. I use Win32 API with PureBasic, but it doesn't matter, all is similar with C++. When user runs application, the semitransparent borderless form is shown on full screen to hook mouse over all other windows. On mouse down event selection is started and I apply XORed region to the form to cut a hole in it with size of current selection.

I create and apply a new region on every mousemove event:

rgn1 = CreateRectRgn_(0,0,DWidth,DHeight) ; full size of desktop
rgn2 = CreateRectRgn_(sx, sy, ex, ey) ; current selection points
CombineRgn_(rgn1, rgn1, rgn2, #RGN_XOR)
SetWindowRgn_(WindowID(0), rgn1, #True); apply region

It works well on my computer with Windows XP, but works buggy on other computer with Vista. I think it is wrong when I create the new region object on every mouse move. Maybe I need to create it once and then to resize? Can anybody explain how to do this right? Examples on C++ are ok.

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In the beginning you create region, using CreateRectRgn (like in your code). Then it's enough to call SetRectRgn function for updating region bounds

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