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I am currently building a Jquery interactive game and I'm using the jQuery Colorbox plugin to show messages to user.

The thing is, all the game is inside a div and I need that Colorbox to open inside that div (that container div is overflow:hidden).

I want Colorbox to work the same way it does by default, centered, but in a div block instead of the whole body.

I tried to change this line in colorbox.js:

$(document.body).append($overlay, $box.append($wrap, $loadingBay));

Into this:

$("#game").append($overlay, $box.append($wrap, $loadingBay));

But it isn't working. Do you have any idea?

Thank you so much!

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A little late on this answer...

Im looking at line 300 of jquery.colorbox.js.

Change: $window = $(window);


$window = $(".Class");

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