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full code at https://github.com/gertcuykens/haskell-design

application :: MVar ServerState -> WS.Request -> WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10 ()
application state rq = do
    let a = ("code","test")
    e <- fbEmail $ (\(x,y) -> (C.pack x, C.pack y)) a

gives me error

    No instances for (resourcet-
                        (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10),
                        (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10),
                        IO (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10))
      arising from a use of `fbEmail'
    Possible fix:
      add instance declarations for
         (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10),
         (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10),
         IO (WS.WebSockets WS.Hybi10))
    In the expression: fbEmail
    In a stmt of a 'do' block:
      e <- fbEmail $ (\ (x, y) -> (C.pack x, C.pack y)) a
    In the expression:
      do { WS.acceptRequest rq;
           WS.getVersion >>= liftIO . putStrLn . ("Client version: " ++);
           sink <- WS.getSink;
           msg <- WS.receiveData;
           .... }

what i want to achieve in the end is replace

let prefix = "Facebook code"
let client = (T.drop (T.length prefix) msg, sink)

with something like

let prefix = "Facebook code"
let code = T.drop (T.length prefix) msg
client = (fbEmail code, sink)
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e <- liftIO $ fbEmail $ (\(x,y) -> (C.pack x, C.pack y)) a
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