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the problem was, that i have created a ASC/DESC filter, but i will that only one Filter is displayd, and when i clicked on the link, the other (DESC) is displayd and the other is hide and reserved.

Here is the code for the Filter:

 <form id="sort-direction" class="sort-control hidden" method="get" action="">
<div style="margin:0;padding:0;display:none">
<input type="hidden" value="" name="utf8">
<button id="sort-direction" class="post-link" type="submit">Sort Ascending</button>
<input id="order" type="hidden" value="asc" name="order">

<a class="sort-control  sort-direction-asc" href="?utf8=&order=asc#" data-original-title="Sort Ascending">Sort Ascending</a>

<form id="sort-direction" class="sort-control hidden" method="get" action="#">
<div style="margin:0;padding:0;display:none">
<input type="hidden" value="#" name="utf8">
<button id="sort-direction" class="post-link" type="submit">Sort Descending</button>
<input id="order" type="hidden" value="desc" name="order">
<a class="sort-control sort-direction-desc" href="?utf8=&order=desc#" data-original-title="Sort Descending">Sort Descending</a>

enter image description here

And this should be the Java code, which only one element is displayed and then click on it and the other is displayed .... But it does not work.

  $(".sort_select").change(function () { this.form.submit(); });

 "class": "sort-control sort-direction-asc",
 "title": "Sort Ascending"
 $(".sort-direction-asc").twipsy({ placement: "below" });

  $(".sort_select").change(function () { this.form.submit(); });

 "class": "sort-control sort-direction-desc",
 "title": "Sort Descending"
 $(".sort-direction-desc").twipsy({ placement: "below" });
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Java != Javascript... – 11684 Jul 27 '12 at 18:36
Use the toggle() or toggleClass method of jQuery... oh, and btw, javascript shares only the name with java (long, political story) – Aadaam Jul 27 '12 at 18:38

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