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Is there some plugin for bash that will modify tab complete when I'm trying to open a file with vim? For example, if I have a directory with the following files:

  • foo/
  • foo.c
  • foo
  • bar.c
  • bar/

(where foo/ and bar/ are directories, and foo is a binary file)

and I do this:

vim f

and then hit tab, is there a way for the autocomplete to ignore the foo/ and foo binary files, and automatically fill it in with "foo.c", since that's the only text file that starts with f?

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Yes! It's not really a plugin per se, but you can edit bash's autocomplete configuration file to match parameters for specific applications. On Debian-based systems, you'll find this configuration file at /etc/bash_completion.

In fact, there's a handy guide to modifying /etc/bash_completion over at Debian Administration. I'm sure you could modify filename completion to only accept non-binary files.

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