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I am looking for potential solutions to setting up a crowdsourcing project on Django. I have set up a proof-of-concept site here:


I have looked at all of the existing Django 'crowdsourcing' packages and none seem to be suited to this particular project. I would appreciate any advice on how to approach this project.

Here is a brief description of what I am trying to do: I have an SQLite database with 67 academic journals. I want authors to be able to enter in articles they have published in those journals, and the review time for each article. The Django site then aggregates information for each journal and lists the average review time for that journal.

Here are the issues I'm wrestling with/solutions I've tried:

  1. I want their to be some 'control' over who is allowed to enter their article information. I do not want, for example, one person to enter in, say, 100 articles with bad review-time information if they have a grudge against a particular journal. I don't necessarily want to have to 'approve' each entry, but if necessary I could do that. I would also be open to a system where I just pre-approve 'authors' who are then free to enter as many articles as they wish.

  2. I have entered in information for just a handful of articles as a test -- using the backend / administrative interface. I am open to a solution that would give different passwords to people so that they could enter data through either the backend or frontend.

  3. Philosophically, what I'm aiming for is a site that has some control against 'flaming' yet is still as 'open' as possible with respect to having as many people as possible enter in their article information. The real goal of this is to simply provide relevant information to Communication scholars about the average review times at various journals.

The existing crowdsourcing applications seem more geared to surveys and polls, rather than having people enter information, which is what I'd need, and having some verification or pre-approval system.

With that said, here is my question: Are there specific Django apps that can be used to 'vet' input from users? For instance, could I modify a blogging 'commenting' app for this purpose? Also, any suggestions about whether it is better to run such projects having authors enter information via the frontend or the Django admin interface? I am looking for any good leads here -- this seems to be an area that is not covered in the documentation, so I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,


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wrong site for this mate, stackoverflow.com/faq#questions –  slackjake Jul 27 '12 at 23:53
On what basis? Is it too vague? If so, I apologize, but I AM looking for concrete suggestions for Django apps that can deal with this. I've just edited the question to make it clearer what I'm looking for. –  Gregory Saxton Jul 30 '12 at 16:23

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