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I want to make a QDialog box (I don't think there is one in the library...sigh) that allows the user to select any number of colors to add to a gradient (and possibly adjust them), sort of like the Gradient option that you can use to recolor objects in Power Point.

Is there an easy way to go about this?

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I tried similar concept to change QDialog Background Color as per user choiceis. I used Style Sheet through my code. Here's a sample piece of my code.

void Dialog::changeBackgroundColor()
    int bg_r = ui->horizontalSlider_2->value(); // user set value on horizontal slider
    int bg_g = ui->horizontalSlider_3->value(); // user set value on horizontal slider
    int bg_b = ui->horizontalSlider_4->value(); // user set value on horizontal slider


    QString styleSheet = "QDialog { background-color : rgb(%1, %2, %3)}";


   //in your case for gradient you can use
   QString styleSheet = "QDialog { qlineargradient(spread:pad, x1:0, y1:0, x2:0, y2:0.568, stop:0 rgba(%1, %2, %3, 255)) }";



I hope you can use this concept for your purpose.

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