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I am trying to make a game that uses collision with face. But i havent figured what cvHaarDetectObjects returns. Here is a smalll snipet of code.

cascade = cv.Load('haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml')
faces = cv.HaarDetectObjects(grayscale, cascade, storage, 1.2, 2,

if faces:
    for i in faces:
        print i

I get somthing like this :((74, 22, 149, 149), 3) What is all this information? Ty

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From the docs:

The function finds rectangular regions in the given image that are likely to contain objects the cascade has been trained for and returns those regions as a sequence of rectangles....

The function returns a list of tuples, (rect, neighbors) , where rect is a CvRect specifying the object’s extents and neighbors is a number of neighbors.

See also this SO question.

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