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I'm using magento and I have an extension that requires me to set up to URLs:

This url will be used from a third party to API to redirect back to my site. I'm unable to set it up.

I tried to set up a CMS page, but it does not seem to work with any slashes. I was able to set up a pagseguro as the key URL in a CMS page, but whenever I try pagseguro/pay/success/ as the key URL or even pagseguro/ , it does not work.

How can I achieve this? I have "Use web server rewrite" enables, but even disabling it, it does not work. Thanks

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Either url rewrite or extension where pagseguro will be extension frontName, pay - controller and success - action. But as long as you only need a single page I suggest url rewrite. So assuming you have your pagseguro CMS page set up, go to Admin\Catalog\Url Rewrite Management and add an entry:

Type: Custom
ID Path: whatever
Request Path: pagseguro/pay/success
Target Path: pagseguro
Redirect: No
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Thanks Tim. I finally don't need to set up this new page. – duduklein Jul 30 '12 at 20:04

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