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i'm using django.contrib.auth to auth. user. I'm using default login view, but i would like to add some more things (for example displaying number of already loge users). Is there any way to customize that view or i have to copy-paste it to my project and chage some things inside that? Is there are any way to call two views on one url?

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Remember, views are functions. You can write your own view that calls Django's login view at the end:

def mylogin(request):
    return login(request, 'my-login-template.html')

The kind of customization you want can happen in the template.

The default login view doesn't provide a way to extend the template's context, you'll have to use a context processor for that, or write your own view and calling the login function instead, but that would mean writing more code which can introduce bugs.

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Many thanks Gonzalo. It realy worked out! Just adding dictionary in extra_context and i can customize my template. Thanks alot. :) –  user1524567 Jul 28 '12 at 14:22

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