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I have two Propel-based (Propel 1.6) model classes, FileUpload and Image:

<table name="file_upload">
  <column name="id" type="integer" required="true" primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true" />
  <column name="name" type="varchar" size="500" required="false" />
  <column name="mime_type" type="varchar" size="100" required="true" />
  <column name="data" type="blob" required="false" lazyLoad="true" />

<table name="image">
  <column name="id" type="integer" required="true" primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true" />
  <column name="file_upload_id" type="integer" required="true" />
  <foreign-key foreignTable="file_upload" onDelete="restrict">
    <reference local="file_upload_id" foreign="id" />   

When I instantiate a new Image $image, new FileUpload $upload, register $upload under $image and then try saving $image hoping for a cascaded save of both $image (second) and $upload (first) ...

$image = new Image();
$upload = new FileUpload();
// [set required properties in both models]
$image->setFileUpload( $image );

I get a foreign key violation error:

Unable to execute UPDATE statement [UPDATE image SET FILE_UPLOAD_ID=:p1, UPDATED_AT=:p2 WHERE image.ID=:p3] [wrapped: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (DATABASENAME.image, CONSTRAINT image_FK_1 FOREIGN KEY (file_upload_id) REFERENCES file_upload (id))]

I found that that error is caused because $upload->save() invokes BaseFileUpload->doSave(), which, among other things, re-triggers $image->save():

if ($this->collImages !== null) {
  foreach ($this->collImages as $referrerFK) {
    if (!$referrerFK->isDeleted()) {
      $affectedRows += $referrerFK->save($con);

... which means that FileUpload mirrors reverse references to it from other objects even though it itself is only ever referenced, not referencing anything else.

When I override Image->save() to first clear all mirrored references on linked FileUpload and and then call parent::save(), problem goes away:

public function save( PropelPDO $con = null )
  $upload = $this->getFileUpload();
  if ( null !== $upload && $upload->isModified() ) {
    $upload->save( $con );
    $this->setFileUpload( $upload );
  return parent::save( $con );

This approach works but feels hacky. It could also only be used here because I'm easily able to restore external references once the $upload object is saved - in other cases it might not be as simple.

Is there any clean way to prevent re-triggering saving of $image->save() from $upload->save() - without interfering with Propel's default behaviour too much? Thanks.

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You can just call save on the parent object (FileUpload) and Propel saves the child objects after you add them to the parent and call save on the parent.

$upload = new FileUpload();
$image = new Image();
$image2 = new Image();

// set required fields on $upload, $image, and $image2
// ....

$upload->save(); // save upload and new images

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