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I'm beginner of programmer. I not understande why can't copy some script from array to another one.

char array1[11];
char array2[2];
array1 = {'255 105 85'};
array2[0] = array1[0];
array2[1] = array1[1];
array2[2] = array1[2];


I was get "5" instead of "255". I using the code::blocks with GCC complier.The project created with win32 frame based. Somebody has idea what cause the problem?

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The following construct is not allowed in C:

array1 = {'255 105 85'};

Instead you might consider using the static array initialization like this:

char array1[11] = {255, 105, 85};

This will fill the array1 with 3 specified values and leave all the other elements set to 0 (i.e. elements starting with index 3 and ending with index 10).

It's rather surprising, why the compiler didn't issue a syntax error in your case

updated: Please also note that you are manipulating with individual characters when you have an expression like this array1[2]. If you want to operate on strings (i.e. have 3 separate strings for the numbers you have specified), you will have to declare something like this:

   char *array1[3] = {

   char *array2[3];

   array2[0] = array1[0];
   array2[1] = array1[1];
   array2[2] = array1[2];

Thus you will have an array of strings. Each entry of array1 will contain a pointer (address) of the memory where string "255" is located (please note that "255" is an array comprising 4 chars: '2', '5', '5', '\0').

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Array1 should be declared like this:

char array1[] = {0x255, 0x105, 0x85};

single quotes are for single chars in ascii, like 'a' or '6' or '!'.

Also, array2 is of length 2, but you are assigning a value to the third value (array2[2]). This is probably an error.

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