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Lately I have been noticing that when I reschedule a deferred task, the task spawns into two or more of the exact same task. I just had a job that spawned into 4 identical tasks. We use code like the following to reschedule our tasks :

Queue q = null; 
if (queueName == null) 
  q = QueueFactory.getDefaultQueue(); 
  q = QueueFactory.getQueue(queueName); 

TaskOptions to = TaskOptions.Builder.withPayload(this); 

This code is very simple but its causing a lot of problems for our application. We have even tried giving the task a name, such as :


to prevent duplicate tasks from spawning with no avail. Has anyone else seen this issue or have a solution to prevent the duplication.

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Why are you rescheduling deferred tasks? If you are doing that in a task handler, multiple tasks could be created since it is possible for the same task to be run more than once. –  mjibson Jul 27 '12 at 20:57
An example of why you would why I reschedule. Lets say I am processing a user's document in a task. The task is running on a Frontend instance so I must abide by the 10 minute timer. To maintain the current state of the task I need to reschedule that task to finish its job once I get close to the time limit. –  ndixon Jul 28 '12 at 23:17
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