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I am working with CI and want to display an image when two objects collide with each other, at that time a specific image is displayed and that image should displayed be only for the very short duration in which the collusion occurred.

It seems like a poof function or something like this. But I cannot understand how to solve this problem.

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i will give some sample code for your question.one animated boy collision with other object(coll1).

if event.other.name == "coll1" then

function updateTime()
       display.remove(picture) or picture.isVisible=false
timeTaken = timer.performWithDelay( 1000, updateTime, timerTicks )          


animatedboy:addEventListener( "collision", animatedboy )
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thanks. it is helpful for me. –  Sohaib Waqas Aug 2 '12 at 8:32

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