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Is it possible to manually render a Prototype JS element without using one of the update, insert, etc methods? If so, how?

That is, if I have the code

var test = new Element('div');
test.update("This is a test");

Is there a way to get a javascript variable with the string

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Are you inquiring if it is possible to simulate a jQuery selector using strings inputted as HTML elements in order to create an element as that string? Do you know what jQuery is -- – 0x499602D2 Jul 27 '12 at 20:47
@David: No, I'm asking if it's possible to serialize a Prototype JS Element object as a string. I'm aware what jQuery is, and my question isn't about jQuery. – Alan Storm Jul 27 '12 at 20:53

I'm a little unclear on your question. If you're asking to make a string representation of an element (created with Prototype or not), you're looking for outerHTML.

var test = new Element('div');
test.update("This is a test");

var htmlString = test.outerHTML;
alert(htmlString);  // "<div>This is a test</div>"

​ If you're asking if it's possible to create an element from the string <div>This is a test</div> using Prototype, the answer is no. Well, there's nothing built in that does this. You can easily create your own function to handle this, though. Here's a similar Q/A on the topic: How to create element from HTML in Prototype?

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