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I have a char array that starts with zeroes, but when I try to convert it to a int value, it deletes the zeroes, so I want to keep the zeroes as well.

Something like this array char contains 00001234 and the int has to be like this 00001234, but when I use the parseInt it just leaves me 1234.

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An int contains a pure numeric value; there's no notion of representation like leading zeroes, thousands separators, etc. Anything like that is considered formatting -- it's only relevant when you need to display your int or convert it to text somehow. Facilities like NumberFormat or System.out.printf() give you some control over what formatting is applied, so that's what you'll have to use.

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You may need to use Java NumberFormat if you want to keep leading zeros while printing.

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You cannot capture leading zeros in an int, or any numeric type. Leading zeros are irrelevant to the internal representation of a number, and are only useful when you're e.g. printing the number.

When you output the number, instead of printing an int, use a NumberFormat, or a format String with System.out.format/System.out.printf.

If you must keep the number just as it was input, or as it is in your char[], with the same number of leading zeros, you'll need to keep it around as a char[], while doing numeric computations with the numeric equivalent from e.g. parseInt.

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int does not know about the formatting of the number, you will have to add the padding wherever the number is displayed

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You can't keep formatting stored in a simple int. You just store the actual int number and then when you go to display it you use something like NumberFormat to pad it as desired.

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000001234 and 1234 are the same as integers. What you are looking for is the way to format (display the number) properly the integer and convert it to a string.

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see if this helps it has some suggestions on how to print numbers with leading zeroes, if you could tell the usage of these number a more relvant answer can be presented...

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