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I've spend all day looking for this and as far as I checked I always stick with an empty ArrayList. I also tried to display just the first record I find and I got null. What should be inserted into ArrayList are only courses, so Strings.

public String getProfessorCourses(){
       //get the id related of the name
   String s = null;
   String sqlQuery = "SELECT courses.title FROM courses INNER JOIN professors_courses ON professors_courses.course_id = course.course_id WHERE prof_id = '"+1+"'";

       ArrayList<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();

       try {
         rst = stmt.executeQuery(sqlQuery);
        } catch (SQLException e1) {

       try {
           //titles are not inserted
              //s = new String(rst.getString(1));
              //s = rst.getString(1);
                          s = new String(rst.getString("title"));    
        } catch (SQLException e) {
       return s;
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where are you inserting data into the array list? You need this line after:

s = new String(rst.getString("title"));

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