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I have the following json string:


I would like to iterate though this object and create a new json object with the format:

{"TEMPERATURE_C":[["1342558874663000","253"], ["1342558854606000","254"]],
"TEMPERATURE_F":[["1342558874663000", "775"], ["1342558854606000","776"]]}

I am trying to do the following but can't quite figure out how to create the new map:

json.fields.foreach {
        case (epoch, obj) => {
          val newVal = obj.as[JsObject].fields.map {
            case (temps, value) => {
              Map(temps -> (epoch, value.as[String])).toMap
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Here's a reasonably straightforward working example that produces the output you want:

import play.api.libs.json._

val json = Json.parse("""
  "1342558854606000" :{"TEMPERATURE_C":"254","TEMPERATURE_F":"776"}}

Json.toJson(json.fields.flatMap {
  case (epoch, obj) => obj.as[JsObject].fields.map(epoch -> _)
  _.map { case (epoch, (_, v)) => Seq(epoch, v.as[String]) }

The trick here is to flatten the list and then rebuild the structure you need.

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Thats amazing, I need to figure out how it actually works its a bit beyond me but thanks! –  chiappone Jul 27 '12 at 22:27

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