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Hi I am currently working on Search feature of Facebook Graph API using C# SDK.

Since C# SDK source does't provide any example for this, I found below on web, which works well.

Dictionary<string, object> searchParams = new Dictionary<string, object>();
searchParams.Add("type", "post");
searchParams.Add("q", "olympic");
FacebookClient fbClient = new FacebookClient(token);
var rslt = fbClient.Get("/search", searchParams);

I get the rslt and I can see string with many differnt parameters in double quotes and lots of brackets and parenthesis.

Does anyone have an idea if there is proper way of displaying this result ? I am not guessing manual parsing, but putting into some method in Facebook library or viewing directly using some sort of conversion media..

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I did not want to answer my own question, however for the sake of whoever having similar issues.

I found two related posts, realizing what I am dealing with is JSON format.

They encourage to use JObject, JSON.NET.

Parsing Facebook Open Graph API JSON Response in C#

How to parse json in C#?

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