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I'm currently installing the Node.js environment on my Synology ds212+ and I have a problem when I'm running a line command.

When I'm trying to do

./configure --prefix=/opt/node --without-snapshot

The terminal give me this error:

Node.js configure error: No acceptable C compiler found!

    Please make sure you have a C compiler installed on your system and/or
    consider adjusting the CC environment variable if you installed
    it in a non-standard prefix.

The problem is that I have gcc installed and when I'm using the gcc -v, the terminal return me the current version of my compiler.

Does anyone has this error when installing on a synology environment ?

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I just met this problem, simply ln -s /opt/bin/gcc /opt/bin/cc will make it work.

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I think the problem is that gcc is usually installed to an odd place on the synology (/opt/bin/gcc). Giving configure the right name for it seems to work.

CC=/opt/bin/gcc ./configure --prefix=/opt/node --without-snapshot
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So, I figured out by myself. The things to do is to execute this line :

git checkout v0.4.11
cp /opt/lib/ /usr/lib
cp /opt/lib/ /usr/lib

Now you can do the make and the make install.

Have fun.

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hi, i also need theese two files for my ds212+. But not for Node.js. i need them for ZendDebugger. unfortunately the C compiler in not installed on my system. I have no knowlede, if its possible to copy the files directly to the path /usr/lib. Is it possible to download the files directly, maybe on your ds? – Frank Dec 3 '12 at 0:44
Look into installing ipkg and using it to install gcc and make.… – DonGar Jan 16 '13 at 6:00

You need to install a gcc compiler on your MAC. Follow the instructions here:

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And your comment would even be useful, if Simon was using a Mac. But as he specified in his post, he's on a Synology DiskStation, and those are running a modified version of Linux (heavily modified, mind). – fonix232 Dec 5 '13 at 8:36

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