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I have a Jenkins/Hudson that increase some version numbers of some modules in preparation to publish a NetBeans update center to Sourceforge. I'm trying to push those changes into the repository using ant4hg ant task and I'm having some issues. here's that part of the task relevant to this:

    <change files here>
    <hg cmd="commit" dir="." message="${message}" user="${hg.user}">
        <dirset dir="./">
            <include name="**/*.mf"/>
    <hg cmd="push" dir=".">
        <auth user="${hg.user}" password="${hg.password}" />

You can see the related bug here. Anyway, is there a better way to do this from Jenkins/Hudson? Thanks in advance!


I'm trying to push a change and it doesn't work. I tried to use the command as specified in the documentation:

    <hg cmd="push" dir=".">
        <auth user="${hg.user}" password="${hg.password}" />

But I get:

$ hg push
pushing to"> [" target="_blank">^]
pushing subrepo Card Game Interface to"> [" target="_blank">^]
searching for changes
no changes found
pushing subrepo Simple Marauroa Java to [^]
searching for changes
no changes found
pushing subrepo jWrestling to [^]
searching for changes
no changes found
searching for changes
[ERROR] hg > abort: http authorization required
Result: 255
[ERROR] FAIL TO EXECUTE : hg push (255)
Z:\NetBeans\Simple Marauroa\Marauroa Application Manager\build.xml:680: FAIL TO EXECUTE : hg push (255)

If I do it from NetBeans and/or TortoisHg it works. I thought I provided the wrong credentials but I know they are correct.

Previous to that command I do a commit and I get this output:

$ hg commit --include */.mf --user xxxxx --message "Update versions for dailybuilds" Z:\NetBeans\Simple Marauroa\Marauroa Application Manager

I pass the same user to the push command adding the correct password as well.

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It looks like your auth info is different for one of your subrepositories. You should be using ssh-keys w/ bitbucket which will work better w/ Jenkins/Hudson/ant anyway. Put the full error output in this question (linking to an offsite bug report isn't how things are supposed to work here) and we'll figure it out. – Ry4an Jul 30 '12 at 2:35
All subrepositories are hosted in the same bitbucket account. Sadly the ant4hg task seems not to support ssh-keys authentication. – javydreamercsw Jul 31 '12 at 13:23

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