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We have many scrum teams struggling with sustainable pace and looking for a way to view team capacity across teams within a work space (intent to assign coaches to ones that need teh help first)

Appreciate any pointers or apps you may have created.

Thanks jkpooh2

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When you really believe the team is over its capacity then do the following to prove it:

For 1 sprint allow the team only to work 40h/week maximum. Tell em, it's an experiment. You will need management support because this sprint will be not successful.

During this sprint, don't allow side tasks outside the team. If this is common in your company, then the side tasks are killers for team performance. Note down the amount of side tasks that showed up.

If your team has to handle incidents next to the development work: Plan a "FillUpTask", with no content but say 8h of time, into the sprint. The Product Owner has to decide which of the incidents are important enough to use up this budget. All other incidents go to the backlog. If the budget is used up but more stuff has to be inserted: Stop the Sprint. Replan. Try again.

After all of this you should measure Velocity (some teams don't measure it. But you need it) This velocity will be the reference for planing. The team has all the rights to refuse to put in more work than "Yesterdays Weather + 5%"

But after all: If your management does not support the idea of "High quality comes from high performance not high workload" you will have a little chance to succeed. (Only when team members quit the company there is a chance of hearing your voice)

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