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I have a XML file in the documents directory that I am trying to parse (to display in a table view).

    <summary>Summary 1</summary>  //want to grab this
    <notes>Notes 1</notes>
    <summary>Summary 2</summary>  //want to grab this
    <notes>Notes 2</notes>



I would like summary to be displayed in the table view. For now, I am just trying to get a NSMutableArray filled with all of the summary strings.

I am using XMLReader to create a dictionary of everything. I then use the following code to try to get to summary.

NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:save];
NSString *xml = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:data encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

// Parse the XML into a dictionary
NSError *parseError;
NSDictionary *xmlDictionary = [XMLReader dictionaryForXMLString:xml error:&parseError];

NSDictionary *ticketsArray = [xmlDictionary objectForKey:@"tickets"];
NSDictionary *ticketArray = [ticketsArray objectForKey:@"ticket"];;
//Now have a dictionary with ticket... what to do next?

I'm not sure where to go next. Do you have any idea how to get all of the summaries into a NSMutableArray? I can use something other than XMLReader if that is preferred.

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Try this:

for (NSDictionary *d in ticketArray) {
    NSDictionary *d2 = [d objectForKey:@"summary"];
    [summaries addObject:[d2 objectForKey:@"text"]];

The strings that you get back for your summary text may need to be trimmed, but the basic idea should work.

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NSMutableArray *summaries = [NSMutableArray array];

for (NSString *key in [ticketArray allKeys])
    if ([key isEqualToString:@"summary"]) 
        [summaries addObject:[ticketArray objectForKey:key]];

Caveat: Written from memory and not tested. Also, you have a dictionary called ticketArray, this confused me a bit but I've assumed that that actually is a dictionary.

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