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I want to write a method that does this

def search_for_filenames(dir, name)
    # goes to the directory and returns a list of files that match
    # the given name, regardless of extension

So for example if the name was test, and my directory contained the following


The method will return an array containing the first two filenames

How can I write this method?

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Use Dir::glob.

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Tough it would be faster then Dir::glob but it actually can take more time to run sometimes. Anyway, here is what I have done. But use Dir::glob.

def search_for_filenames(dir, name)
  result_files = []
  Dir.new(dir).each do |file|
    if /^#{name}\.\w+$/.match file
      result_files << file
      return result_files if result_files.size == 2
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Hmm I might explore alternative ways to do it if I have time but for now I used glob. –  MxyL Jul 28 '12 at 20:57
glob should be always faster since it's done all in C whether my way has more ruby to be converted to C. But i'm just guessing. Dont take this seriously –  Ismael Abreu Jul 28 '12 at 21:17

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