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Order by clause does not seem to be working. Do I have the correct xquery query?

for $record in doc('XQuery.xml')/dataroot/RecentIndices_solarFlux 
where $record/Month = 1 or
        $record/Month = 2
order by $record/Geomagnetic_Smoothed_Ap
return $record

The output I'm getting is something like this:

-1, 10.5, 11.6, 5, 8.7

I am using Stylus Studio X14 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite.

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Please provide some example data, the output you get using this data and the output you'd like to achieve. Something seems to be very wrong as the whole $record should be printed, you only get some numbers. By the way, you could also write where $record/Month = (1, 2) exploiting XQuery's set comprehension of comparison operators. – Jens Erat Jul 28 '12 at 8:05
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I found out the problem was because I was using decimal numbers, so I surrounded the path in order by with xs:decimal( exp. ).

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