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I have a web app that sends messages to an Amazon SQS Queue. Amazon sqs lib throws a 'AmazonSQSException' since the message contained invalid binary character. The message is the referrer obtained from an incoming http request. This is what it looks like:


Looks like the characters in bold are the invalid characters. Is there an easy way to filter out characters characters that are not accepted by amazon ?

Here are the characters allowed by amazon in message body. I am not sure what regex i should use to replace invalid characters by ''

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It depends on what programming language you're using. For example, several programming languages would permit you to directly translate the Amazon specification you linked to into a regular expression meaning "one or more characters not in the permitted ranges".

For example, Perl:

referer =~ s/[^\x{9}\x{A}\x{D}\x{20}-\x{D7FF}\x{E000}-\x{FFFD}\x{10000}-\x{10FFFF}]+//g;

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