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I have been trying to retrieve the 'referrer URL' when a visitor visits a page on my site.

It works when user uses Chrome, IE, Firefox but not Safari.

I am retrieving the referrer URL in a servlet that is on the landing page on my site: getReferrerURL(httpRequest).

I am extremely puzzled why only Safari does not play ball w.r.t referrer URL - can anyone point me in a correct direction?

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What does the code for getReffererURL(HttpServletRequest) look like? – Christopher Schultz Jul 29 '12 at 12:21

A browser can either natively or by a plugin be configured to disable or even change the referer request header. You have totally no control over this from the server side on. The referer header should at highest be used for logging and statistics only, not to perform business logic. Whatever functional requirement you thought to solve by checking the referer header should most likely be solved differently if you want to make it to work independently from the browser configuration.

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Thank you - yes, that can be a potential case as well. After much debugging, the culprit was found to be the Cisco ACE load balancer - the load balancer was cutting off headers under certain scenarios. Many hours spent over the weekend but solution found :) – user353829 Jul 30 '12 at 21:49

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