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I made a subclass of goog.ui.Component:

 * Renders the bottom pane.
 * @param {!myapp.Entity} entity An entity.
 * @param {goog.dom.DomHelper=} opt_domHelper Optional DOM helper.
 * @constructor
 * @extends {goog.ui.Component}
myapp.BottomPane = function(entity, opt_domHelper) {
  goog.base(this, opt_domHelper);
goog.inherits(myapp.BottomPane, goog.ui.Component);

However, when I run my javascript, Chrome Console notes that Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'setModel'. I set a breakpoint and realized that, indeed, my myapp.BottomPane instance lacked a setModel method in the prototype chain. This is odd since the documentation notes that all components have this method:

Why does my goog.ui.Component lack a setModel method? I know that the call to goog.base(this, opt_domHelper); is working because my object has a DOM helper.

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I was able to reproduce the error Object #<Object> has no method 'setModel' by executing the constructor myapp.BottomPane without using the new keyword.

var bottomPane = myapp.BottomPane({id: 'my_id'}); // Results in error. 

Make sure to use new to create instances.

var bottomPane = new myapp.BottomPane({id: 'my_id'}); // Okay  
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