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I've found the similar question, but it's still be unclear for me.

So, I have a main class ProcessorCalculations(), from which I call MainFrame() class. In MainFrame class user should choose the folder. How I can transmit the JFileChooser() object from MainFrame() to ProcessorCalculations()?

I've tried to implement the hint from the link above:

   ProcessorCalculation processor = new ProcessorCalculation();
   MainFrame mainFrame = new MainFrame(processor);

But I don't know how to call processor methods from mainFrame without creating new objects. Even I dont't know the correct question I should ask Google. Help please.

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If you're using the code written above, then you're passing the current processor instance into your MainFrame constructor. What are you doing with the reference from within this constructor? Are you settinga a ProcessorCalculation instance to this reference? Please show us your constructor.

Your MainFrame class should look something like...

public class MainFrame extends JFrame {
   // your ProcessorCalculation field  
   private ProcessorCalculation processor;

   public MainFrame(ProcessorCalculation processor) {
      // set the field with ref passed in parameter
      this.processor = processor; 

      // of course other code goes here

   public void someMainFrameMethod() {
      // use the reference

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Create an attribute say for example files in the mainframe by which the contents of JFileChooser() are referenced ( you may say contents are stored in this attribute ). If this attribute is private put getter setter methods in the Mainframe for this attribute ( to make it accessible from other classes) now coming back to your ProcessorCalculation class when you write mainFrame.getFiles() ( you have already created object mainFrame object there) it returns the data you wanted in this class.

In case you still face a problem please ask for a coded solution I will do.

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