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I want to use boost::atomic but what header to include ? there is no boost/atomic.hpp

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Boost.Atomic is not an official part of boost as of now. If you still want to use it you need to get it from here. Alternatively you could try Boost.Interprocess for atomic operations, rely on compiler dependent extensions like gccs atomic operations (__sync_val_compare_and_swap and such) or, if c++11 is an option use std::atomic<T>, which is almost identical to boost::atomic<T> IIRC.

Edit: As always these things change: Boost.Atomic became an official part of boost with the current 1.53.0 release. It is now availible as boost/atomic.hpp.

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Boost.Atomic is not yet accepted into boost. There however exists boost/interprocess/detail/atomic.hpp as an implementation detail of Boost.Interprocess.

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but is there any boost::atomic<> template there ? I see just load, store function –  Dipro Sen Jul 28 '12 at 7:29
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