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let's say I have a file of mostly numbers, and some letter

d o
8 22

so I want to count the how many numbers and letters, and I can only use nextInt() method. Here's the code I'm using, but for some reason I get an endless loop, after doing some debugging (printing input) it will stop at number 5. why am I doing wrong here?

public static void mixedF() {
        int numbers = 0; 
        int words = 0;
        int num;      
        try {
            Scanner in = new Scanner(new File("myFile.txt"));
            while(in.hasNext()) {
                try {
                    num = in.nextInt();
                catch (InputMismatchException e) { words++; }              


            System.out.println("numbrers: "+numbers);
            System.out.println("words: "+words);
        catch (FileNotFoundException ex) { ex.getMessage(); }        
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You need to add in.next(); to catch, otherwise the scanner won't move forward.

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yeah, I just realize I got an endless loop in catch statement – miatech Jul 28 '12 at 7:22

Problem: You are reading integers alone using nextInt() function.

When Scanner comes across a character it goes to the catch block. Try advancing the Scanner in catch block or the character 'd' will be read over and over again

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