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I have an issue trying to update an item as part of an observableArray using the mapping plugin.

I have the following code

accounts.list = ko.mapping.fromJS(@(Html.Raw(Model.AccountsJSON)));

I have this bound to a table using

<tbody data-bind="foreach: list"> ... </tbody>

This all works correctly, I then have the following function

$('#datatable').delegate(".cancelLock", "click", function() {
        var item = ko.contextFor(this).$data;
        var param = {AccountNumber : item.AccountNumber()}
            if(accounts.lockeditem() == item){

the line ko.mapping.fromJSON(result,item); causes no errors, and the function continues, however it does not cause the observable to update.

I've tried changing the code to ko.mapping.fromJSON(result,accounts.list); (and updating my controller to return the full list) and this works correctly - the problem being that I don't want to update the entire table, I "simply" want to revert 'item' back to it's original state.

I've also tried using item.Updated(result.Updated); (where updated is one of the properties of the object) and this works as expected however I'd rather not manually call this on every property unless I have to.

is it possible to use ko.mapping.fromJSON(result,item); (or some variation of)? Am I doing something stupidly wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Unless I misunderstood your intention, you can do this using a variation of ko.mapping.fromJS (or fromJSON) that's mentioned in the mapping docs under "Specifying the update target". So I think you want this:

ko.mapping.fromJSON(result, {}, item); 

Here's a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/kR4jc/

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Thanks - believe it or not I had actually tried that previously - seems I may have had an issue that was affecting it –  Brett Smith Jul 31 '12 at 9:07

I updated the fiddle to reference rawgithub.com and the latest knockout.js file..



This post also helped me https://github.com/SteveSanderson/knockout.mapping/issues/41

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