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Using the excellent Microsoft Ribbon for WPF for .NET 4 (not the .NET 4.5 build in class) I'm trying to achieve a ribbon like in Office 2010:

Office 2010 Ribbon

However I cannot get the File text to be shown on the ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu.

If I change the project Wizard generated code from

<ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu SmallImageSource="Resources\SmallIcon.png">


<ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu KeyTipService.KeyTip="F" Label="File">

I get this:

My Ribbon

Notice that the text File is not shown. What am I missing?

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The Ribbon for WPF is more like the Office 2007 style rather than the 2010 style. You'll need to use something like Fluent to achieve the 2010 style. –  user7116 Sep 20 '12 at 14:34
possible duplicate of How to set text at the head of a RibbonApplicationMenu –  Patrick Hofman Jul 22 at 10:15

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Looks like you will have to use GlyphRun to display custom text in the head of RibbonApplicationMenu. Please refer to the accepted answer on thread How to set text at the head of a RibbonApplicationMenu

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Thanks sthotakura. –  Morten Frederiksen Oct 4 '12 at 11:37

Microsoft needs to fix this. It should work by just setting the "Label" as you described.


I just realized that Microsoft isn't even using the RibbonApplicationMenu...

Look at the following images again:

Office 2010 Ribbon

My Ribbon

Microsoft Word is using just a Tab, and turning it blue! (something i haven't figured out how to do) They really should fix this!

Also, I noticed that Microsoft's blog on the topic just uses Icons: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/wpf/archive/2010/08/03/introducing-microsoft-ribbon-for-wpf.aspx

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