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I've got to work a lot with frames and I'm wondering if it's possible to quicly set a frame and it's textboxes, labels, progressbars, etc... back to their default values in VB6. Since the only thing I'm able to do now is to set them myself when I set the frame's visible to false, I'm up for anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Option Explicit

'~~~ When a button is clicked..
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim cntl As Control

    For Each cntl In Me.Controls '~~~ Loop through all the controls in the form

        If TypeOf cntl Is TextBox Then  '~~~ if the control is a TextBox..
            cntl.Text = ""              '~~~ ..set the Text as empty
        ElseIf TypeOf cntl Is ComboBox Or TypeOf cntl Is ListBox Then   '~~~ if the control is ComboBox/ListBox..
            cntl.Clear                  '~~~ ..clear the items
        ElseIf TypeOf cntl Is CheckBox Then '~~~ if the control is a CheckBox..
            cntl.Value = vbUnchecked        '~~~ ..uncheck it
        ElseIf TypeOf cntl Is OptionButton Then '~~~ if the control is an OptionButton(radio buttons)..
            cntl.Value = False                  '~~~ ..set it's value to False
        End If

End Sub
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Try a for loop and go through each control on the form to set it to their default value. something like this.

Dim Ctl as Control

for each Ctl in me.controls ctl.value = ctl.defaultvalue next


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First of all, thanks for this answer. But I cannot get the defautlvalue of a textbox like this. I've got the idea at least, so thanks again. – Joe88 Jul 28 '12 at 8:37

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