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How to redirect all traffic in Windows over vidalia tor? I try use Proxifier but it seems to redirect only selected application? but i need to redirect all outgoing traffic example:

redirect all traffic from cmd.exe ping www.host.com; 
redirect all traffic from cmd.exe d:\python\python.exe inet.py -url "www.host.com"

and packet throught TOR.

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CMD, PING, and PHYTON are separate programs. You'll have to specify them directly and not via CMD. –  Jay Jul 28 '12 at 13:12

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What I think you are suggesting is called a transparent tor proxy. I do not think it is recommend to run a transparent tor proxy on Windows (because of DNS leaks and other security issues).

One solution, and I think the easiest solution, is to setup a transparent tor proxy on a router/switch running OpenWRT. If you do this on a second router (which is optional), you could then use that second router when ever you needed tor.

Another solution is to use a virtual machine running Linux. I would recommend using virtualbox. You can then create a linux machine on virtualbox. Once the virtual machine is up you can set it up to be a transparent tor proxy.

If you are not comfortable with Linux, you can use Tails in a virtual machine. Tails is a Linux live DVD or live USB that does everything through tor and can be run on a virtual machine.

Lastly, if you want to be creative, you might be able to setup a virtual machine, or a second server, running Linux and a VPN server that is setup to be a transparent tor proxy. This might require two virtual network cards (instead the 1 by default). Then all you would need to do is VPN into the Linux machine from the windows machine and all your traffic would go through Tor (:

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You can only redirect TCP traffic. TOR does not support UDP traffic (some filesharing and games) and ICMP traffic (PING). For TCP traffic, Cantormath gave the correct answer.

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