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I have rest webservice that it's programmed in Visual Studio Asp.net project. i want to send Array of String that contain Hebrew language to Android project

In visual studio i only write return array;

In Android i write:

HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
HttpGet request = new HttpGet();
request.setURI(new URI(url));
HttpResponse response = client.execute(request);
HttpEntity responseEntity = response.getEntity();
xml = EntityUtils.toString(responseEntity7, HTTP.UTF_8);  
return xml;

but the problem is that in the Android project i get "??????" instead of Hebrew words i guess the problem is in the encoding.


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Read an XML file with HTTP GET –  Ali Jul 28 '12 at 10:18

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You are toStringing the entity in UTF_8 format, which is all well and good, but you need to set the encoding of your HTTP response. You can either do so directly here in code:

HttpResponse.ContentEncoding = System.Text.UTF8Encoding;

Or you can do it globally:

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