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am trying to invite my facebook friens to use my application using the following code:

 <?php $this->config->load('facebook'); 

 $sendFriendRequest = array(

'description' => 'join market place',
'redirect_uri' => urlencode('')


<a href="
app_id=<?php echo $this->config->item('appId');?>&
message=<?php echo $sendFriendRequest['description'];?>&
redirect_uri=<?php echo $sendFriendRequest['redirect_uri'];?>"/>
<img src=<?php echo base_url().'public/images/web/facebook/friendrequests.png';?> />

the problem that,am not directed to the send requests to friends dialogue directly, but iam directed to a page with the following link (go to, how can i get redirected to the dialogue first without getting redirected to the dialogue directly?

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try using following direct url: message=Facebook%20Dialogs%20are%20so%20easy!& redirect_uri=

After the user follows the flow and sends the request the browser will redirect to

If there are errors, the browser will redirect to

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