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I have tried to install Thin on dotcloud, following the official document, but i failed.
"Thin:up..." appears on the cli, but I can't see it running by opening the url of the webapp
P.S. I don't run thin with ruby workers, is it relevant?

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The tutorial predates the "custom service"; it should be fairly easy to come up with something much better by leveraging on https://github.com/dotcloud/ruby-on-dotcloud.

Edit: I wrote a new Thin recipe; it is much simpler than the previous one, now that we have fixed some discrepancies in the ruby-worker service to make it more similar to the others. It's available there: https://github.com/jpetazzo/thin-on-dotcloud

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Is "custom service" the one mentioned in docs.dotcloud.com/guides/s3fs? –  Patrick Pang Jul 28 '12 at 11:05
@PatrickPang The link the jpetazzo linked above, describes the custom service for ruby. Feel free to contact support to get more information about the custom services. help.dotcloud.com –  Ken Cochrane Jul 30 '12 at 13:15

You could also install thin from here: https://github.com/jpetazzo/thin

I got it to work with 4 very simple commands.

  1. Clone the repository

    $ git clone git://github.com/jpetazzo/thin.git

  2. Go into the root directory

    $ cd thin

  3. Create the Thin stack

    $ dotcloud create thin

  4. Push the Thin code to dotCloud

    $ dotcloud push thin

This did the trick for me.

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