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I have

tbl_ticket_categories(id , category_name , description , site_referers_id)

tbl_ticket_repliers(id , user_id , category_id , site_referers_id)

tbl_users(id , role_id , username , password )

I want to select all category_name and description from tbl_ticket_categories where site_referers_id = 1

and also those username whose user_id is in tbl_ticket_repliers.

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2 Answers 2

select category_name,description,username from tbl_ticket_categories as ttc
join tbl_ticket_repliers as ttr on
join tbl_users as tu on
where site_referers_id = 1

This is the query you get the exact result check it once

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SELECT category_name, description, tu.username 
   FROM tbl_ticket_categories tc 
     INNER JOIN tbl_ticket_repliers tr 
        ON = tr.category_id
     INNER JOIN tbl_users tu 
        ON tr.user_id =
   WHERE tc.site_referers_id = 1

See this fiddle

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