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The following is an example structure:

table `pligg`
#id   #alpha     #num
1       a        null
2       b        null
3       c        null
4       a        null
5       d        null
6       b        null
7       a        null
8       e        null

i'd like to update the databse like this after a single mysqli query:

table `pligg`
#id   #alpha     #num
1       a        1
2       b        1
3       c        1
4       a        2
5       d        1
6       b        2
7       a        3
8       e        1

What i'm trying to do is to update the column num with the number of duplicate. I tried this query, but in vain

mysqli_query($mysqli, "UPDATE pligg SET 'num' = COUNT(DISTINCT alpha) WHERE 'id'<id");
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This should do the trick:

UPDATE pligg a
    SELECT, a.alpha, COUNT(1) AS dup_cnt
    FROM pligg a
    INNER JOIN pligg b ON >= AND a.alpha = b.alpha
    GROUP BY, a.alpha
) b ON =
SET a.num = b.dup_cnt

SQLFiddle Demo

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wow! lovely :) Thanks a lot. I was struggling on this issue for 2 days continuously! Thanks a million :) – Nok Imchen Jul 28 '12 at 12:09
Well, it works so nice on less rows. But i takes a lot of time when there is 48000 rows! Can the code be tweaked to make it run faster? :) – Nok Imchen Jul 28 '12 at 12:11

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