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I've updated some stuff on my system, and sendmail stopped working.

One symptom I notice though is that sendmail seems to be hanging. Here's a a line from ps.

[code] root 28591 20215 0 04:46 ? 00:00:00 sendmail: ./q6PBJKPB026081 mx1.hotmail.com.: user open [/code]

These just sit there until I restart sendmail. Mails never sent.

I have my domain name, localhost name, etc. set in /etc/hosts. Also have localhost.localdomain set to The nameservers appear to be working just fine as I can scrape other webpages.

Kind of at a loss here. I've seen a few topics about sendmail.cf but not getting much of anywhere. sendmail.cf is rather complex. This is on CentOS.

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you should ask this question on serverfault –  Vlad Balmos Jul 28 '12 at 11:14
Never knew what that was. I will when I get back in. Thanks. –  kiss-o-matic Jul 28 '12 at 12:14

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