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I'm using Heroku's Postgres addon, and I created a new production database from the Heroku Postgres addon page. I Didn't add it directly to my App using the Resources page of my App.

Now I want to attach this database to my App so it'll be recognized by the heroku pg command.

I'm able to use the database btw after setting the DATABASE_URL config var of my app to point to it, but heroku pg command doesn't recognize it yet.

Additional info: The previous database was Shared, and the new one is a Production.


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Did you add the database using the app-independent site? Or did you just create a postgresql database in your Heroku control panel?

If you created your database on, you will not see the database via your heroku pg:info command. What you can do to add your database to your application, however, would be to:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the database you want to attach to your application.
  3. Under 'Connection Settings', click the configuration button at the top right.
  4. Then click the 'URL' option.
  5. Copy your database URL, this should be something like "postgres://".
  6. In your application, on the command line, run heroku config:set DATABASE_URL=postgres://

What we did there was assign your database to the DATABASE_URL environment variable in your application. This is the variable that's used by default when you provision databases locally to your application, so theoretically, assigning this value should work just fine for you.

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Well, I already did that and the database is working fine with the App. My problem is that the pg command can't see it, even with the DATABASE_URL config var set to point to the new production database. – Emam Aug 7 '12 at 2:28
This fixed the issue for me after upgrading from the Hobby-dev to Hobby-basic – Jay Killeen Apr 24 '14 at 3:00

To get your database that you created at attached to your actual heroku app that you are working on you can't use any of the pg backup commands and as far as I can tell there is no supported Heroku way of attaching a database to a heroku app.

You can however create a backup of your database using pg_dump and then use pg_restore to populate your new database that is attached to your app:

pg_dump -i -h hostname -p 5432 -U username -F c -b -v -f "backup-filename" database_name

Once that is complete you can populate your new database with:

pg_restore -i -h new_hostname -p 5432 -U new_username -d new_database_name -v "same_backup_filename"

Even if you are upgrading from the "basic plan" to a the "crane plan" you still have to do a backup and restore, but since the db's are already attached to your app you have the advantage of using the heroku backup commands.

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