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i have one problem when i run my program in delphi7 have one error message

"unknown table type - permission denied - file:c:\PDOXURS.NET direcory C:\"

i dont know of make tk for one answer

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On Vista, normal users do not have write-access to c:\, so you get the Permission Denied error message when trying to use Paradox since it needs to write to some files.

Two Good Options:

  • Change the Net Dir in the BDE Admin to a path the user has access to
    • BDE Admin
    • Configuration
    • Drivers => Native Paradox
    • Change Net Dir
    • Apply
  • Adjust the access rights on the required files on c:\ to allow the user access

and one bad option:

  • Run the program as Administrator
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normal users don't have access to WRITE to c:\, they can read fine. Paradox needs to open that file for read/write access. –  skamradt Jul 23 '09 at 16:06
Thanks skamradt, you're right of course. I clarified my answer. –  Michael Stum Jul 23 '09 at 17:40

Something else to be aware of is the virtual store. It may contain a copy of your BDE configuration, which you will probably want to delete. I'm currently not in front of a vista machine but the path is something like \users\username\appdata\local\virtual store (or something similar). There will then be a subdirectory for program files\common files\borland shared\bde - you will want to delete the files in here.

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